Walking by the Spirit, Word and PDF

Although Walking by the Spirit is the fruit of 40 years of my life, I’ve released it to the public domain. I gave the work to God as a gift, and he wanted it released to the public domain. Walking by the Spirit is available free on line, and it can be read for free by anyone in the world on their iPads, Kindles, phones, lap tops and computers. All anyone needs to study the class is an internet connection.

Well, now there is a Word doc and a pdf that folks can download, again free of charge. As well as being able to buy a hard copy of the book, which I highly exhort everyone to do regardless, folks can now download printable versions in Word and PDF format.

Please be aware that an EMP, an electro magnetic pulse can be used as a weapon to completely fry electronics, including iPads, Kindles, phones, lap tops and computers, which means Walking by the Spirit can be destroyed quite easily if it isn’t in printed hard copy format. My work will only survive if it is in hard copy format.

Also be aware that the world is pushing the cloud more than ever, and one day no one will have a computer, all they will have is a monitor and all their files will be online in ‘the cloud’. The cloud is just a stupid name for Google’s computers. This means everyones files all over the world will be accessible to google anytime of the day or night, every day of the year. Any malicious files found on anyone’s devices will be automatically deleted. What the world deems malicious is the word, so when found by Google search engines, my work will be deleted from iPads, Kindles, phones, lap tops and computers.

My work can only survive in printed hard copy format. To this end, I’m going to spend the rest of my life running a home church and getting as many printed hard copies into the world and into people’s hands as I possibly can. Each printed hard copy of Walking by the Spirit will be a little ark that will carry the word to future generations despite what happens in the world.

Downloading the Word and PDF version will not withstand an EMP burst, and Google’s search engines will find them and delete them as malicious software, but it will mean folks can print them out in the meantime and have a hard copy should the world cave in. Here’s an excerpt from my book:


It has been a long road, but the truth is now out there, truths that have not been known since the first century. The ocean of religion has parted, there is a way to escape for anyone anywhere in the world, to anyone who has an internet connection, by PC, laptop, tablet or phone. How long it will remain open I don’t know. The pope is already making moves to clamp down on the internet by passing international laws restricting freedom of speech by banning anyone from speaking up against the vatican and what he calls the mother church. To the pope I say this: you can do whatever you want with the ungodly and unbelieving, they’re yours dude, but you will let God’s people go. Bear in mind what happened to Pharaoh and his army when he refused to let God’s people go.

The ocean of religion has parted, but it won’t stay open forever. The seas will return to their strength at some point, and when that happens, my work will no longer be available anywhere on planet earth unless it is in printed hard copy format.

You can download the Word and PDF from the website, the download is linked near the top of the page.




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