The Word is the Truth

I’ve not rewritten the bible, my book is merely an instruction manual on how to read the bible. Nor have I attempted to start a new church, I’ve merely shown from the bible that we are to run our own churches in our own homes. Not am I asking for or expecting money from anyone as all God’s money is to be kept within the home churches and used there, however God moves the home church leaders to use that money. The only job I have left to do now is get this house in order and start up a home church here in Brora.

I watched a movie this evening, Solaris, with George Clooney, a Sci Fi weird story about illusory lifeforms. While I was watching it, I realised that the bible is the truth and everything in the world is illusory. Amazing how you can know something for 40 years and still not grasp what it really means.