Always suspected this new GDPR data protection shite had the love of money behind it, but I didn’t realise how until today.

I’ve just discovered that photos of people is regarded as personal data. Which means that I can no longer photograph any events, such as highland games, as I would have to have the express written permission of every single person in every single photo to be able to use the photos. Which is impossible. Google however, doesn’t need to do this as it has super duper encrypted computers which they claim are unhackable so the data is protected, so they can keep all their photos.

The GDPR is also a move towards making it illegal to store information and photos on your computer. People can now demand you remove photos of them from your computers unless you can prove your computers are encrypted and the data cannot be hacked. Which, again, is impossible, unless you’re google.

The next stage then is for google to offer online data protected storage, forcing everyone to store all their files and photos on their computers, which they ostensibly call the cloud. Imagine how much money that will make them.

Once that system is in place, home computers will be a thing of the past, and you will have to pay to use the cloud to access the internet and use computer programmes, which will all be stored in ‘the cloud’. The only thing folks will have at home is a monitor. Have you any idea how much money Google will make from this? Every single person on earth will have to pay Google to use a computer and store their files on line.

The spiritual intent behind this love of money is to be able to monitor the entire population of planet earth 24/7 as everyone’s files will be online in the cloud and folks won’t have a computer at home, only a monitor which will tap into the cloud.

Microsoft are in bed with them as well. They’re now forcing Windows updates on you whether you want them or not, and they’re moving towards invisible updates, which you don’t even know you’re getting. Eventually their operating system will be subscription based and only available through the cloud, through google.

That’s the world we live in. I no longer shoot events, I’ve deleted all my event photography completely. I will have to stick to landscapes and wildlife. I’m sure glad google, microsoft and greedy men won’t be there at the return.

I’m of the mind that the GDPR is a bigger crime than the sinking of the Titanic, the creation of the Federal Reserve central bank and the subsequent theft of America’s gold.

Welcome to Google Earth!


By the way, legislation like this, crimes of this magnitude, take years of planning, preparation and work, absolutely years. This legislation was ready to go BEFORE that whole Facebook data breach episode. Think about that. The Facebook data breach was part of the plan so they could implement this legislation without raising eyebrows.

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