People, churchy people that is, religious people, seem to like worshipping crosses, as if that pleases God or something. Here is an excerpt from my book, Walking by the Spirit, chapter 62, Symptoms of Religion. If you haven’t read my book yet, get your head out of the fucking world and read it.

What other religious trappings could we have in our lives? Well, anything that we do with our five senses, with our human abilities to try to please God falls into the category of religion. It is impossible for any man or any woman to do any works of any kind in order to be baptized with holy spirit. It is impossible to worship God except in spirit and in truth, which is to manifest the gift of holy spirit by speaking in tongues. Anything a person may do with their five senses abilities because they think it’s how you please God falls into the category of religion.

Like wearing a cross around your neck. The cross is a symbol of torture and murder. If Jesus Christ had been run through with a sword, would you wear a sword around your neck? If Jesus Christ had been shot, would you wear a gun around your neck? If Jesus Christ has been beaten to death with an iron bar, would you wear an iron bar around your neck? If you think worshipping the very tool the devil used to murder Jesus Christ pleases God, you’re insane. This isn’t about his death, this is about his resurrection from the dead. Get those filthy icons of death out of your life. While you’re at it, you can dump all your guardian angel garbage, as well as any pictures or statues of Jesus and Mary, or any other religious trash you have around. They cost you money? Getting money from you was the whole point.